SM64 ROM Manager

The SM64 ROM Manager is an all-in-one tool for SM64 Hacking.
Create a complete SM64 ROM Hack with this tool and a 3D modelling program.
It has brilliant features that no other tool has as easy as this.
If you want learn more about this tool, checkout the public notebook.

Current Versions:
Stable:           v1.13.2 (05.09.2021)
Pre-Release: –
Beta:              –
Alpha:            –

If you need help:
Join the Discord Server or visit the public help chat! You can also visit the Thread on Hack64.

Useful Documents:
Questions & Answers
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This tool has multi-language support. It choose the correct language depending on your system. You can change the language manually too.
Supported languages: English, German, Dutch
You want to help translating to other languages or improve the existing one? Take a look here!

Please note:
This tool is for creating hacks with custom levels, not for editing or even keeping vanilla levels. Because the many features it is possible that a few vanilla levels doesn’t work anymore as expected.